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Client-Focused Legal Services for Ontario

As a proud member of the Ontario community, Dennis Steinberg has served the legal needs of its residents for more than 35 years. Offering a wide array of services, Dennis Steinberg has you, your family and your business’s best interests at heart. Dennis Steinberg and his team are pleased to offer evening appointments to accommodate your schedule. Every session begins with a free 30-minute consultation to discuss the specifics of your case. Dennis Steinberg specializes in a broad range of legal services for his clients, including:

Real estate law

Whether you’re buying, selling or renting a home, commercial property or dealing with a mortgage, consult with Dennis Steinberg to ensure you and any other parties are following the letter of the law.

Commercial, industrial and residential leases

Be certain that your home or business’s lease fits your needs by scheduling a lease review with Dennis Steinberg.

Business law

Starting a business or hoping to incorporate your enterprise? Do you want to know more about partnerships and franchising? Speak with Dennis Steinberg in the Hillcrest Mall to review the finer points of business law.

Notary services

Trust Dennis Steinberg and his team to provide prompt notary services for anything you or your business require.

Wills and estate drafting

Collaborate with Dennis Steinberg to craft a will that ensures your final wishes are carried out thoroughly and effectively. Dennis Steinberg and his team have years of experience offering sound advice concerning probate matters and powers of attorney to clients in Richmond Hill and throughout the York region.

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